missed call mystery

Happily confused about the missed call mystery ……what to do? I’ve the positive attitude to accept the missed call happily. When the mobile was bought, with great interest and pride, the mobile number was distributed to every other person whom I met. Initially when I received missed calls, I will call them back as they expect but when I received the bill I realized that I had to pay for many calls which I never intended to make. Now a days I don’t call them back until I know the number belongs to someone closer.                               

International calls cost more and one of my friends follow this missed call method to know the well being of her husband every day that if one ring missed call then if the other side also gives back an one ring missed call then both r safe no need to call and confirm wasting money. If it’s a two ring missed call then it has to be attended, as there is some problem to be discussed with.It was quite an innovative method within the family members to save money but this trend has been quickly picked up by individuals to save their own money.                              

Very funny things happen with these missed calls; friends give missed calls on birthdays, festivals, so that we have to call them back to get the wishes.How ridiculous? I accept also as a fool the reasons told by them for the missed calls as some network problems in the area. But how long? Come on guys ….don’t just miss calls….just call also sometime…..



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    gunduthoppai Says:

    I read ur North Indians Vs South Indians column and I understand ur feelings. There is no differences between the above said two categeory. If anybody speak about the North Indians to you simply you ask them like any North Indian having an extra eye,nose,hand or leg. Then where the North Indians are differs the South Indians. Don”t take this matter seriously. Just leave it.

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