The road to manhood is tough and challenging.It’s high time that boys realize it.Actually boys do not have more heroes to follow or worship except cricket stars and film heroes.Cricket stars have lost their charm after the match fixing scam.We donot have any positive heroes to guide the adolescent boys.

To appear more macho,to get hold of as many number of girl friends are the immediate goals of these adolescent boys and every now and then they try to find out innovative methods to show their control over these things.Adolescent boys always have a fear of losing control over matters and always want to be the boss of the situations.Result leading to hitting class mates,getting drunk,involving in anti social behaviours,gang activities,carrying knives and bunking classes which leads to poor grades.They get easily impressed by law breakers.
They are more obsessed with their self image and 90% of their time spent on to acquire muscles and to become an ideal hero.
Adolescent boys have a fear of able girls as they outshine in every field.They even compare the status of their father’s with their mother’s as now they have executive mothers at home competing their fathers.
There are multitude avenues to distract the attention of the present day students . But the same multitude avenues make them more smarter and intelligent than the previous generation.
Adolescent boys need some one to touch the emotional chord and to identify their pitfalls and to guide them accordingly.Of course 90% of this social responsibility lies with the teachers.It’s their duty to assure the boys that they can do better than girls and they can face the girls zone bravely and to cheer up the boys…”come on boys you are no less than them”


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