Happiness should never be confused with fun. Fun is what we feel at that moment, when we do something, which gives us pleasure. But happiness is the ever lasting feel, which we get when we accept challenges and achieve success. When we relax and enjoy we have fun. But when we undergo pain and get satisfaction we attain happiness.
Happiness is an internal circuit, which gets electrified when the circuit is complete with contentment. Neither money nor ego can make this internal circuit complete and get electrified.
Happiness is an inside affair as it’s your mindset that defines happiness and determines the path to attain that. The miraculous gift of mind is happiness and happiness is a long-term pursuit. Doing something contributing to the society or to the nation holds the promise of a world of happiness.


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    That is really good insight. I have been suffering from an extended period of blahs, but I do have fun from time to time.

    Life comes with the responsibility of making yourself happy. When your happy you can extend that feeling exponentially with all of your contacts.

    Thank you

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