Present day girls have new priorities and perspectives. They are extremely ambitious and outshine boys in all the spheres of life. They finish even a wrong argument in style. They are the super models of the world. They readily realize their potentials and are able to contribute to the mainstream of society. They consider friendship as the most rewarding and satisfying of all human relationships at this stage and these relationships are built primarily based on studies.

Friendships can be a source of both knowledge and strength for adolescent girls. They can also be a source of struggle, hurt, and confusion, particularly as girls move into adolescence. There are multitude avenues to distract the attention of the present day students. But the same multitude avenues make them more smarter and intelligent than the previous generations.
The overall picture of girls and women’s education is one of limited opportunity, numerous obstacles and questionable quality and relevance. But the good news is that new generations of girls represent the most promising source of change for women—and men—in the developing world today. Though the road to womanhood is tough and challenging, the girls are aware of it and they are able to overcome the barriers in their path and become successful in many walks of life.

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