That extra golden hour!


The best time that any wise man makes use of, to spend time in the way they want will be early morning or late night. This extra time is the golden hour anyone has to find out to practice the passion. This is the good time to recharge your mind to do the things which you like the best. A golden time to be with your own self

How to get that extra golden hour? That is a great challenge….If we are better organized and plan the schedule in the right way we could get that extra golden hour everyday. Reduce sitting in front of the idiot box for longer hours and hanging with unwanted phone calls. Be polite and avoid someone wasting your precious time. Plan out your tasks and try to finish it before time and save your golden time.Stop rolling on the bed before time.Here are some ways to spend that extra golden hour…. A good time to put on your thinking cap to write a poem, a piece of article about the topic you like the most. In fact, it can be used to clear your head and focus better on the tasks at hand for the next day. Spend that golden time for self-analysis. The golden hour can be used to learn a new skill which is pending for a long time. The golden hour also can be utilized to read a lot and of course to practice your passion.Finally have some free time to relax also.

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