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March 4, 2008

Fear of loosing anything…it might be an examination,might be a job or a love life may drive anyone to take that extreme desperate step…SUICIDE
                       That too when this affect a student’s life there is an extended worry of getting into depression.The great question infront of the educators is “how to deal with this?”
                          We often forget to inform the studentsd that the great achievers made their foundation on the mistakes they made during their beginning stage.We have the responsibility to inform the students that behind every success there’s not only hard work but also failures and errors.
                  It’s the educator’s duty to instil the value that failure is never a phase to hide in your life.But face it with courage to say the world “I failed just to make my base or foundation stronger”.
                    And educators, please give the students room to err … erring is the key which opens the door to perfection.



January 17, 2008


                              Global connection has become easy for anyone with a cheap, less powerful computer and an Internet connection to become a full-fledged  “netizen”.  Being a netizen is a profoundly cool opportunity that I think is the most exciting venture through which you can conquer the world. People completely feel empowered when they are connected to net. Net does not belong to any person or group but it opens a world of information which is accessed by millions of people every second. It is this fundamental change that has the best hope of driving the human world around information and knowledge.                          

If you don’t want to play a game with an interactive player rather wish to play with a virtual player …a silent player who accepts everything without a question even if they want to leave the game in the midway then………

If you don’t want to socialize and hesitate to attend parties, meet friends, and people then….

If you spend more time with the machine and less time with human then………

If you talk about blogging, browsing and different sites always then……

If you have lost interest in newspapers, magazines, and T.V programmes then………

If you refer wikipedia even for a simple word then……

If you type in a feverish pace then……

If you whisk off from page to page within seconds with a click then……

If you think about a home page when someone asks you “ are you not going home?”

                 THEN CONGRATULATIONS!




January 5, 2008

All was well untill he was
fallen into a well
at 11 years……
The well which has stolen his
well being……..

Lost his legs
lost his feelings below stomach…
paralysis below chest….

with his hands and still alive soul,
he tries hard not just to live….
but also to make a difference…
to achieve something…

Like a cacoon of a butterfly
he lies on a bed in a room
half-closed eyes filled with tears.
The world moves as he stays still.
Staring at the plain bedroom wall.

let this not alone…….
father’s demise…..
mother’s year long sickness….
financial problems…..
are in a line to trouble…..
The angels that showered kindness are….his sisters…..thro’ out with him to still take care of him
just like a baby…..
I mean it……..
just like a baby……
giving him bath,cleaning his waste and everything…..

Pain forever with him never leaving.
It stays with him forever.
like winds in no direction…..
he is in search of an online job
to earn money to meet his needs.

He doesn’t ask for sympathy,
he doesn’t ask for heavens,
he just wants
an ear to listen to him,
a shoulder to share his burdens,
a soul to share his feelings,
a heart to understand him,
a chance to show his talents,
some time to spend with him….

It takes moment by moment
to mend his broken soul….

you and I can help him
to mend his broken soul……
to find his lost soul……
to light up his life….

yet another chance for you
to introduce yourself to god by
helping this god’s child….

Anthony Muthu
Mr. S. Anthony Muthu
C/O. Mr.J.Dharmaraj
5/96 Cheran Street
KK Nagar
Pammadhu Kulam
Chennai 600052
Tamil Nadu, India

Phone Number : 26323185
Mobile Number: 9444496600


December 12, 2007

Happiness should never be confused with fun. Fun is what we feel at that moment, when we do something, which gives us pleasure. But happiness is the ever lasting feel, which we get when we accept challenges and achieve success. When we relax and enjoy we have fun. But when we undergo pain and get satisfaction we attain happiness.
Happiness is an internal circuit, which gets electrified when the circuit is complete with contentment. Neither money nor ego can make this internal circuit complete and get electrified.
Happiness is an inside affair as it’s your mindset that defines happiness and determines the path to attain that. The miraculous gift of mind is happiness and happiness is a long-term pursuit. Doing something contributing to the society or to the nation holds the promise of a world of happiness.

missed call mystery

November 18, 2007

Happily confused about the missed call mystery ……what to do? I’ve the positive attitude to accept the missed call happily. When the mobile was bought, with great interest and pride, the mobile number was distributed to every other person whom I met. Initially when I received missed calls, I will call them back as they expect but when I received the bill I realized that I had to pay for many calls which I never intended to make. Now a days I don’t call them back until I know the number belongs to someone closer.                               

International calls cost more and one of my friends follow this missed call method to know the well being of her husband every day that if one ring missed call then if the other side also gives back an one ring missed call then both r safe no need to call and confirm wasting money. If it’s a two ring missed call then it has to be attended, as there is some problem to be discussed with.It was quite an innovative method within the family members to save money but this trend has been quickly picked up by individuals to save their own money.                              

Very funny things happen with these missed calls; friends give missed calls on birthdays, festivals, so that we have to call them back to get the wishes.How ridiculous? I accept also as a fool the reasons told by them for the missed calls as some network problems in the area. But how long? Come on guys ….don’t just miss calls….just call also sometime…..


October 19, 2007

Only I can kill the Ego

                       At times in our life, there’s something that hinders us from being naturally our self, happy, peaceful, friendly, polite, and humble. Might be the most crucial problem we face is the intellectual arrogance or the attitude or the way we perceive ourselves or the great little word EGO. This pretty little word ego is a Latin word which means “I” is a psychological term derived by Freud “that part of us which is experienced in perceptive relationship with the outside world”. Until the ego is balanced and healthy everything is fine.                                       
Otherwise the source of all emotional pain is Ego. Disconnecting Ego is the hardest thing in one’s life. As and when we identify or recognize our ego it still becomes much harder to disconnect it and it causes only pain and nothing else.
Beware of the moment that ego takes over you, and let it not conquer you, rather anchor yourself in the present and turn off the mind. Laughing out loudly is simple joy and an easiest way to become ego less. Just honestly being you is another excellent mode of being ego less, not having to be some one, or to be accepted by some one. We have to break up our assumptions about the world and start rethinking or rebuilding it keeping “I” out of it. So “I”decide the ego’s life. Life is magical, paranormal, mysterious and completely creative with full of experiences. Life’s experiences will help you to change the way of thinking about self. Instead of caring much about our own perceptions about ourselves, care about how others have perceived us.
If we continue with the great ego and not ready to crack it then, we just move further mercilessly stepping on others and hurting the emotions, minds and hearts of the people who are closer to us which I hope nobody would like to do. Keep in mind Ego is never permanent. It could be conquered, controlled, cracked and of course killed too. Only “I” can either kill or keep alive ego.