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January 6, 2009

All was well untill he was
fallen into a well
at 11 years……
The well which has stolen his
well being……..

Lost his legs
lost his feelings below stomach…
paralysis below chest….

with his hands and still alive soul,
he tries hard not just to live….
but also to make a difference…
to achieve something…

Like a cacoon of a butterfly
he lies on a bed in a room
half-closed eyes filled with tears.
The world moves as he stays still.
Staring at the plain bedroom wall.

let this not alone…….
father’s demise…..
mother’s year long sickness….
financial problems…..
are in a line to trouble…..
The angels that showered kindness are….his sisters…..thro’ out with him to still take care of him
just like a baby…..
I mean it……..
just like a baby……
giving him bath,cleaning his waste and everything…..

Pain forever with him never leaving.
It stays with him forever.
like winds in no direction…..
he is in search of an online job
to earn money to meet his needs.

He doesn’t ask for sympathy,
he doesn’t ask for heavens,
he just wants
an ear to listen to him,
a shoulder to share his burdens,
a soul to share his feelings,
a heart to understand him,
a chance to show his talents,
some time to spend with him….

It takes moment by moment
to mend his broken soul….

you and I can help him
to mend his broken soul……
to find his lost soul……
to light up his life….

yet another chance for you
to introduce yourself to god by
helping this god’s child….

Anthony Muthu
Mr. S. Anthony Muthu
C/O. Mr.J.Dharmaraj
5/96 Cheran Street
KK Nagar
Pammadhu Kulam
Chennai 600052
Tamil Nadu, India

Phone Number : 26323185
Mobile Number: 9444496600



April 18, 2008

                                   The flower seller very keenly making bouquet.Rashi stood there watching him silently.He picked out all the stemless flowers and kept aside.Slowly she went near the flower seller and asked “sir, wy are you not using those stemless flowers?”

             Flower seller replied….”these are stemless and so useless….I cannot use them to make bouquet”

         Then Rashi asked,”Can I have those stemless flowers sir?” Flower seller replied…”why not?” and gave all the stemless flowers to Rashi.
        Then he asked “but what will you do with them?”

             Rashi replied” but sir, I can keep those stemless flowers on the feet of my god and you know sir even I am stemless ” and she started walking with her caliphers…
                       The flower seller watched her going with tear filled eyes……