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March 4, 2008

Fear of loosing anything…it might be an examination,might be a job or a love life may drive anyone to take that extreme desperate step…SUICIDE
                       That too when this affect a student’s life there is an extended worry of getting into depression.The great question infront of the educators is “how to deal with this?”
                          We often forget to inform the studentsd that the great achievers made their foundation on the mistakes they made during their beginning stage.We have the responsibility to inform the students that behind every success there’s not only hard work but also failures and errors.
                  It’s the educator’s duty to instil the value that failure is never a phase to hide in your life.But face it with courage to say the world “I failed just to make my base or foundation stronger”.
                    And educators, please give the students room to err … erring is the key which opens the door to perfection.