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Failure paves the way to success….

February 24, 2009


The biggest drawbacks of success is inevitable feeling of smugness.It’s the surefine way to mediocricity and stops us moving to the need of going that extra mile.A failure is the speed breaker which makes us to use the gears to keep full speed ahead.

                       A failure always brings us closer to God.Failure invites you to call upon your inner strength.Failure doesn’t last….It may take you to that extra mile to reach heights.So pray for a strong failure to reach heights…..Wishes for a strong failure!!!!



December 12, 2007

Happiness should never be confused with fun. Fun is what we feel at that moment, when we do something, which gives us pleasure. But happiness is the ever lasting feel, which we get when we accept challenges and achieve success. When we relax and enjoy we have fun. But when we undergo pain and get satisfaction we attain happiness.
Happiness is an internal circuit, which gets electrified when the circuit is complete with contentment. Neither money nor ego can make this internal circuit complete and get electrified.
Happiness is an inside affair as it’s your mindset that defines happiness and determines the path to attain that. The miraculous gift of mind is happiness and happiness is a long-term pursuit. Doing something contributing to the society or to the nation holds the promise of a world of happiness.