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October 24, 2007

North Indians and their views about South Indians
· According to North Indians, if some one doesn’t know Hindi then he or she is a south Indian and is an anti-Hindi or an anti Indian. North Indians call them unpatriotic.
· As South Indians are couple of shades darker than North Indians, they feel fair people are smarter, and richer.
· North Indians make fun of South Indians for their color, looks, accent, and uncontrollably laugh when they spell out their names.
· North Indians do not even know that even in south India there are Hindus and other religious people and they assume that all south Indians are Christians and lift their eye brows if a South Indian say that he or she is a Hindu and they believe that anyone living in southern part of India is a madrasi.
· North Indians are mad about South Indian food Idli and sambhar and the only thing they’ll say proudly to others that they are fond of south Indian food.
· They have a sense of superiority than the South Indians in all attributes.
· In a nutshell North Indians feel that every thing about South Indians are funny.
· Finally they’ll ask a south Indian, “don’t feel bad, and are you a south Indian? Actually I don’t want to hurt you by asking this question” …hurting all the way.

But the fact is South Indians are more sincere and dedicated than a North Indian. They treat a North Indian like a special guest when he or she visits South India. Though the language North Indians speak is very funny to them, they never make fun of them. Might be south Indians are a couple of shades darker than North Indians but actually North Indians are fairer due to the deficiency of Melanin pigment. South Indians are too simple and soft spoken by nature.
Poor Gandhiji had to go to South Africa to get insulted for his dark complexion. It’s too simple to get the same result in his own motherland India when a South Indian visits Northern part of India.
We shout proudly that we live in a global village with a narrow-minded attitude. All this noise of South Indian and North Indian will come to an end only when we believe that it’s our Indian quality that binds us and not the regional bias and when we start thinking globally in the real sense.